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How to Handle Harassment in the Hallways in 3 Minutes or Less!

1. Stop the Harassment

  • Interrupt the comment or halt the physical harassment.
  • Do not pull student aside for confidentiality unless absolutely necessary.
  • Make sure all the students in the area hear your comments.

2. Identify the Harassment

  • Label the form of harassment: “You just made a harassing comment based upon race” (ethnicity, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, socioeconomic status, size, age, etc.).
  • Do not imply the target of the harassment is a member of that identifiable group.

3. Broaden the Response

  • Do not personalize your response at this stage: “We, at this school, do not harass people.” “Our community does not appreciate hateful/thoughtless behavior.”
  • Re-identify the offensive behavior: “This name calling can also be hurtful to others who overhear it.”

4. Ask for Change in Future Behavior

  • Personalize the response: “Chris, please pause and think before you act.”
  • Check in with the target of the harassment at this time: “Please tell me if this continues. We can take future action to work out this problem. We want everyone to be safe at this school.”


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